I AM Jennifer Mo
I AM Jennifer Mo
Millennial Financial Coach | Marketing Consultant for Non Profit Orgs, Social Enterprises, and Service Based Businesses

I AM Jennifer Mo


I AM….

a Millennial Financial Coach. I help millennials become financially savvy through financial literacy, online coaching, and workshops

a Marketing Consultant for non profit organizations, social enterprises, and service based businesses

a Speaker, writer, motivator, community advocate, travel enthusiast, and lover of early mornings and tea.


I aM

Financially Savvy



Financially Savvy people aren't afraid to seek for advice. They are realistic about where their finances stand and always look for ways to become more savvy.

I have cultivated a space designed to enhance your "everyday" financial well-being and savviness by providing One on One Financial Coaching Sessions, online courses, in-personal group coaching and workshops, and free financial resources through a weekly newsletter.

Whether you are improving your credit score, looking to manage debt or spending, deciding how to properly budget, or trying to figure out how to save AND live your best life, there is a chance for you to increase knowledge about personal finances to reach your goals. You don't have to swim in crisis before you seek advice and resources to improve your finances.

It’s not about where you are but where you want to be


How Can I Serve You?

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Financial Courses

Learn at your own pace learn best practices from credit to learning how to prepare for your next big purchase

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One on One Sessions

you will have private sessions with coach to enhance your financial journey and reach your personal financial goals

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Advice and Inspiration

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Jennifer was extremely helpful! In these sessions, she broke things down to make sure I saw clearly where my money was going and she gave great tips on how to navigate through my finances to achieve my goals. Thanks again Jennifer for being so flexible and always helping me be accountable for my own actions.
— Nadya S
Jennifer has been my financial mentor for almost 10 years. She gives me practical solutions that still allow me to live my life. Even with student debt, credit cards, etc. I am able to invest in my small business, travel, and save. She has been my adviser through transitions like budgeting as a college student, post-college, and I look forward to working with her through my next transition. She is super easy going, reliable, and hard working.
— Brittany F.