I AM Jennifer Mo
I AM Jennifer Mo
Millennial Financial Coach | Marketing Consultant for Non Profit Orgs, Social Enterprises, and Service Based Businesses

I AM Fin Savvy

For those who declare that they are or want to become financially savvy.

Cultivated a space designed to enhance your "everyday" financial well-being and savviness lifestyle

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Online Courses

Interactive, online financial courses to that provides proven strategies to enhance your financial journey at your own pace. These courses cover everything the financial basics of saving, budgeting, debt management, improving credit, and investing. There will supplement worksheets, access to a financial savvy community, and get personalized feedback from the instructor to further enhance your financial journey!


One-on-One Coaching Sessions

People seek Financial Coaches for numerous of reasons. You could be trying to learn new, healthier financial habits, looking to fix a financial crisis, or have managed your money well but want to create a practical action plan to reach next level financial goals.

My coaching sessions are personalized for your financial needs and desires. I am passionate about providing everything you need to reach your financial goals and level up. Every financial situation is different and it should be treated as such. 

One on One Financial Coaching might be a good fit for you if:

  • You are looking to become more financially savvy

  • You are having difficulty trying to understand the basis of budgeting and spending plans

  • You are trying to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck

  • You have the desire to travel and feel stuck on how to fit it comfortably into your budget

  • You have financial goals but feel stuck on how to reach them

  • You are looking for strategies to get rid and/or manage debt comfortably

  • You want to understand how to prepare for big purchases

  • You are looking to learn how to establish and maintain good credit

Schedule a free discovery call. We will discuss where you are, where you would like to be, and how I can help you get there.

One-on One Sessions


-Monthly exclusive membership: 2 hours of coaching per month

-Access to me—virtually or locally (Detroit, MI)

-Quarterly assessments to monitor goals

-Personalized Complete Action Plan

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A La Carte Services

Financial Literacy Workshops for Corporate, Non-Profit, Organizations & Business Associations

Financial Literacy Workshops for Youth

Virtual Courses


Credit Report Evaluation and Repair

Debt Management Plan

Budget and Savings Plan

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