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Reclaiming Your Goals

The end of the year is approaching! If you're like me, you are thinking about how amazingly fast the year flew by. Now I am sure that at the beginning of the year, you set goals for yourself. You were glammed up at the beginning of the year, your Instagram Stories were popping with footage from the gym, and you were glowing with excitement of the New Year. Now that it is the fourth quarter, it may not look like anything that you envisioned your year to be. Suddenly the hashtag “Taking No Ls” (#takingnoLs) mantra is a joke. You are heavier now than what you were when the year started. So now that all looks bleak, you are just counting down the days until the New Year for a clean slate. Well, before the year is completely over there are a few ideas that I want you to consider.

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When I quit my job and gave myself permission to live

We always admire faith until it's our time to step into unknown territory. I quit my job without a solidified plan, however, I had faith that things would work out. It was in that moment where I fully put my faith on trial. Where I believed in something that I didn’t even see yet. I quit my job and gave myself permission to pursue the things I truly wanted to do. When I wasn't offered the opportunity, I created my own. I AM free, empowered, and pushing to make more happen.

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