3 Ways to Stay Positive on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Have you had moments where you just wanted to quit? Where it seemed like your efforts were pointless? Have you ever had moments where you felt so anxious that it woke you up at night? Have you had moments where a bit of depression settled? Has there been times where you felt like everyone around you was flourishing BUT you? Times where you questioned yourself and wondered if you could actually create the lifestyle you desired? Have you ever made efforts to move forward but your thoughts get stuck in a negative place ?

Don't worry it happens to the best of us. When trying to move forward, it may be a moment where you question yourself. Where you question if are you good enough and worthy of the things that you want. It may be a moment where you feel like things won't turn around. You may have felt like you escaped an ugly reality only for you to run into another one. Sometimes you may not be able to escape your problems immediately but you can denounce negative thoughts that are attacking your foundation. Negative thoughts may steam from the fear of rejection or actual rejection that you have experienced in the past. You may be seeking validation from places that never valued you from the beginning.

Every time you are trying to be great, there may be some form of counterproductive thought that tries you. When that happens, I truly believe that means you are on to something great. So you have to protect your mind. Whatever consumes your mind, believe and speak out of your mouth has power. I hope you choose to speak positivity into your life. You don't lose by choosing to be positive. When thoughts get jaded, here are a few ways to stay positive on your journey.


1. Decide and feed the narrative that you can

Who told you that you couldn’t? Who sowed the seed that you weren’t worthy of the things that you desired? We have to stop allowing other people fears to impose on our dreams. People will doubt you based on their insecurities and doubts in themselves. Normally people who are telling you can't, are the people who didn't. Why can't you have the things and experiences that you want? What separates you from obtaining it? Feed your confidence and place your energy on how you can make your dream and lifestyle possible. Feed the narrative that you are worthy and can do it because you can. For every negative thought that occupies space in your mind, counter it with a positive one. Repeating positive affirmations out loud in the morning helps me to frame my mind. I truly believe in what you speaking, say out of your mouth, and believe in your mind is what you manifest in real life. For every moment where I think I can't, I steer my mind on ways that I can. I even put Post It Notes on my laptop that reminds me of my goal and an affirmation to get it done. To help feed the narrative, I definitely stay in prayer and give my worries to God. When I feel really under pressure, I pray for the renewal of my strength, wisdom, and for God to guide my steps. I even have my favorite Sarah Jakes-Roberts sermon readily available to motivate the narrative that I can. Now, to be honest sometimes I may grind out to hip hop music that have me dedicated to the narrative of making it happen. Starve the thoughts of unworthiness, self doubt, and depression by not giving it energy. Rather FEED your spirit, mind, and the narrative that you can is simply can.... because you can! Define your own idea of happiness and success and take back the power to get it done. You Can, You Will. End of Story. 


2. Take a break from consuming

In the social media arena, it is so easy to get caught up in consuming so much information from online coaches, Instagram influencers, podcasts, and YouTube videos that we can become overwhelmed and stagnant. You will receive so many different ideas that are contradicting of each other and may take you away from your own thoughts. You may not realize how time you spend consuming new information and strategies, only to not execute because you are constantly seeking for more. We can get addicted to trying to create or perfect a strategy. It may get to the point where your live becomes a sum of watching other people lives or work than actually living and pushing out our own work. It's a distraction and "distractions helped me", says no one ever.  At some point, we have to stop consuming, take action on new fond information, and spend more time in our own lane. Now, of course I think that you should research, stay current on the happenings in your industry, and notice new trends that could help with your business or field of study. However, it should not be at the expense of your happiness, centered around your self worth, or simply a waste of time. Spend more time working on executing goals, evaluate progress, and implement what you have learned from your experience to make it better. You can be swayed in so many ways that can be distracting from moving in the direction that is best suited for you. So if you are feeling overwhelmed or not in a healthy, positive mind frame, it may be time to take a break from consuming. Taking a break could mean a social media cleanse or putting your phone on do not disturb while working on projects. Whatever that my look like for you, it is your prerogative (No Bobby Brown). Take some "Me" time and realign yourself!


3. Leave what doesn’t suit you

Now that you are prayed up, you have stopped consuming so much information or took a social media cleanse, you still may seem to be drained. Your positivity level still need some improving for you to continue to make strides to walk in your purpose and/or achieve your goals. There are so many ways to stay positive on your journey, but for sure you have to leave what doesn't suit you or serves your greater purpose! In this manner, I am talking about the people you have allowed in your space that constantly drain your energy and positive vibes. A person that is never cheering you on, who is always being negative and pointing out your flaws but is never trying to be a resource for you to get better. Now, all of your friends or even family may not agree or understand your goals and vision. Whether it's entrepreneurship, a career change, or an adventure that you have been dying to do, there will be people that will not support you. It's not easy to go against the grain, pretend to be ok with everything, and then at the end of the day deal with friends that you can't confide in. Friends that were cool when going out every weekend but now has a problem when you are trying taking measure to enrich your goals. You may have outgrown certain lifestyles or people that worked in one area but not in your next chapter.... and that is ok! You may have to break away from lifestyles and people who are toxic and no longer suits you. Oh what a difference it is to get rid of negative energy. Some days will be hard and your spirits can get low. There may be times where you feel like you can’t get the work done. In these moments, find and surround yourself with light. Surround yourself with positive people who will speak life and push you to strive for your best. Someone who can motivate you and see the light at the end of your worst days, even when you can't. You can have a therapist/support group, a mentor, a like-minded goal getter, or just a friend that may know nothing about business but someone who can listen, pray with you, and sharpen you. If you have people in your life that isn't growing or adding value to your friendship/relationship then you just have to pull the plug. Leaving what no longer serves you is hard yet a much-needed growing pain. It doesn't have to be grand gesture of removal, you can gradually remove yourself from that person or just have a simple conversation.  You have to choose your happiness over negative nancy friends that you don't have to subject yourself to.


I wouldn’t be true to myself and true to my audience if I told you it is easy. I have days where I have complete meltdowns. I’ve had months of slow motion because of doubt and fear. There have been times where I made a bold statement, then later wondered if it was possible. I’ve had times, so many times where instead of going hard, I went home because of what potentially could fail. There are a lot of ways to help you to say positive on your journey but these are a few that has helped me. These three things all are connected to protecting your peace by being intentional on who and what you allow in your space. Connected to where you would allow your mind to take you. I had to do personal inventory to see what was slowing me down and what was the root of my thoughts. I had to be conscious of letting negative thoughts and other people's opinions of my decisions disrupt my purpose and peace. To this day, I still have to encourage myself and remember the power that God gave me. I still have to check myself on how much I am spending on social media and how many courses and challenges I take. I still have to remind myself to push out work even when I am wondering if enough people are listening, watching, or reading. I still have to remind myself to let go of people/situations that no longer serves me. As soon as a negative thought pops up, I pray, I listen to an inspiring podcast or sermon, repeat affirmations, surround yourself with positive people, turn my music up and take a mental break from whatever I am working on at the moment. I remember why what I am doing is so important and to all of those other things before I start my work. For every negative attack, counter it with something that refocuses my mind to my goals and it brings me my best days. I am not perfect and don't want to pretend to be. I just know there is something to be said about, when great things can happen when you protect your peace and being positive on your journey. Being positive creates the walk of confidence that will push you throughout your journey. Being positive is the mindset shift of thinking what CAN you do versus what you can't do. 

 My final note to staying positive on your entrepreneurship journey is to grant yourself grace. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You may be building your plane while in flight and that’s ok. Invest your thoughts in positivity, protect your mind, spirit, and body. Talk your stuff and keep going. You got this!


Please comment below, please give me your feedback an/or let me know if anything has resonated with you. Comment and share.