Plan A Purpose For Your Paper

[Financial Goals are targets, usually driven by specific future financial needs.]

What are your New Year financial goals? The countdown has begun. You may be planning how you will celebrate the coming of a New Year. You may be planning to write your “New Year, New Me” motto for 2019. Further planning to change hairstyles, upgrade vehicles, and get serious about relationship goals, however, don’t forget to plan a purpose for your paper (money).

Walking into a New Year with no idea what you want your future to look like is so detrimental to your well-being. If you’re working 40+ hours a week with no financial goals, that simply is not going to cut it. If you're just working and making enough to pay bills, that’s not going to cut it either. If you do not have any goals, ask yourself, why are you working so hard? Are you working to make someone else’s vision come into fruition? Are you working to pay bills or build a foundation for your family?

Plan A Purpose For Your Paper

If you haven’t started planning, don’t worry it is not too late. Over this week, sit down with a pen, paper, and creative power to allow yourself to tap into the future that you would like to see. Imagine the foundation that you would like to build for yourself and your family. As you meditate, make sure you write all of your thoughts on paper. Writing your goals on paper helps the visualization process. Don’t try to remember a year worth of goals. Compose a list of long term goals and short term goals with an action next to them to ensure completion.  

Be specific when making your financial goal list. It could be that you want to increase income by x%, invest x amount for retirement, pay off credit card debt within 6 months, or become a millionaire by tomorrow. I could list many great financial goals for the year however I want you to make it personal so the chances of you making it happen will be higher. You may have goals that may seem far fetch where you can’t imagine it happening. No matter how far fetch you think it is, write down your goal down! From there you can look at realistic ways to get there. You will never get there until you try.

You cannot always control the outcome, but you sure can control your thoughts and vision to plan for an outcome you would like to see.

For 2019, make sure you plan a purpose for your paper. Make sure you are constantly planning and taking action to move forward. If you don’t have a purpose for your money, you will just spend it aimlessly. You’ll spend amounts of money that you didn’t realize that you had. Make sure you don’t spend the money to put behind your dreams because you didn’t purposely have a plan for your paper. Don’t waste your time by simply dreaming about it. It’s more rewarding to put an action plan together to make it happen.




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